Picasso and the Antique

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Fecha de fin

From Wednesday to Monday from 09.00 - 19.30

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
Piazza Museo 19 – 80135 Napoli

The exhibition starts with Pablo Picasso's trip to Italy in 1917 and devotes special attention to his stay in Naples and his visits to the excavations at Pompeii and the National Museum between March and April. The impact of this trip on his artistic production and his strengthening of naturalism is attributed to his visits to Rome, Naples and Florence. A trend of earlier years is reinforced in his work, with explicitly classical forms, clearly recognisable in the vast majority of the non-Cubist paintings and drawings of the years 1917 to 1925 and in some of the graphic work of the 1930s.

The exhibition traces the influence of the Museum's works on the artist, from the Vesuvian paintings to the sculptures in the Farnese collection. Works from the MANN will be in dialogue with works on loan from prestigious institutions such as the British Museum and the Musée national Picasso Paris, together with period photographs and archival documents from around a century ago.

Curator: Prof. Clemente Marconi.