Picasso on the retina. Portraits of Catalan artists.

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Fundació Palau, Caldes d’Estrac
C. Riera 54, 08393
Caldes d’Estrac

The aim is to explain Picasso from the vision that some of the artists who dealt with him directly and others who did it from the distance of time had of him, for whom he became a symbol of success and recognition that they longed to achieve. A vision that starts above all from the portrait, from how contemporary Catalan artists (Sebastià Junyent, Ramon Casas, Ramon Riu Dòria, Ricard Canals, Manuel Pallarès or Joan Vidal i Ventosa), but also later ones (Salvador Dalí, Antoni Tàpies or Josep Guinovart), immortalized him in their work. In Catalonia, this look at Picasso has transcended the portrait and has also reached the field of homage in artistic key, through works or even public monuments, a fact that shows to what extent he was a reference for the Catalan artistic world.

Curators: Eduard Vallès and Sebastià Sánchez Sauleda.