Picasso, in the cinema too

Celebración Picasso 1973-2023

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Cine Doré. Filmoteca española
Calle Santa Isabel, 3

The Doré cinema, official headquarters of Filmoteca Española, and its online channels will host this program organized in collaboration with the Instituto Universitario del Cine Español of the Universidad Carlos III. The selection covers the presence or representation of the figure of Pablo Picasso in art cinema; audiovisual representations of Picasso, both in documentaries and in his fictional incarnations; and the influence of Picasso's work in today's audiovisual culture, from art direction to posters, as well as the constant quotations and cinematographic references to his work or his figure. The cycle includes mainly audiovisual productions, not only cinematographic, of diverse origin with special emphasis on works produced in France and Spain.

The program is based on the publication in 1971 of Picasso, en el cine, también by Carlos Fernández Cuenca, critic, historian, film director and founder of the Filmoteca Nacional, the forerunner of the current Filmoteca Española. This was the first monograph on the painter's relationship with the seventh art, its pioneering character being recognized in the exhibition Picasso a l'ecran prepared by the Centre Georges Pompidou in 1992. A seminal work whose influence has crossed borders and languages and that will be reissued for the Picasso Celebration 1973-2023, also in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Filmoteca Española.